Hear what our clients have to say about us!

I  have utilized ABC for numerous projects that included remodeling a  master bathroom, remodeling the kitchen, and finishing the basement with  full bathroom. ABC additionally has come to my rescue with drywall  repairs due to storm damages.  The staff has always been professional.   Their scheduling and response times have been great.  They provide  written estimates through excellent office support and explain all  charges.  I will utilize their services again without any hesitations.
Malessa P.

"My  family & I appreciate the excellent work done on our home.  I feel  that David and the ABC team went above and beyond to get the things done  at our home.  We will always be grateful for the work done.  Our home  is more than we could ask for.  Thank you."
Donna C.

"Always great service/work.  Have worked with David and crew previously and knew of quality work completed.  Thanks!"
Anitra S.

"Very  pleased with the work and the professionalism of all the employees.   They even helped put my curtains back up.  I have had other workers in  my house and yours have been by far the best!'
Brenda B.

"It  took several months to complete the job but any issues I had with any  work was taken care of immediately and with no complaints.  If I ever  needed any work like this done again I would definitely want ABC  Cleaning, Restoration and Home Improvement to do the work.  They did  everything they could to make me very satisfied.  I am 110% satisfied  with everything."
Richard C.

"We were very  impressed, and happy with how everyone conducted themselves  professionally, and completed all work, down to fine details to our  satisfaction."
Mike A.

"As a repeat customer I  can’t imagine working with a group as courteous as the employees  from ABC.  Thanks for all of your help."
Amy M. 

"I  found the service to be excellent.  I am planning on calling in the  near future to get an estimate on some remodeling I want done."
Elvira S.

"John  did a great job going over everything with me on all the repairs.  I’m  really happy with the quality of the work.  I’ve gotten so many  compliments from the neighbors about how good the remodeling looks.   It’s been a pleasure working with ABC, Inc.  Thanks again."
Anne W.

"Although  the nature of this interaction stemmed from an unfortunate incident,  the ABC crew made my  family feel that they were devoted to not only  restoring our home in a timely manner, but also in reassuring us that no  quality would be sacrificed during the project.  Their professionalism,  customer service and pride in craftsmanship gave us peace of mind  throughout the restoration process.  I  commend ABC, Inc. for adhering  to a supreme standard of excellence.  We are thoroughly pleased  their  service and the final outcome.  We are thrilled to be home again!"
Concette C.

"My  wife and I would like to thank your people:  David R., who took the  first, probably incoherent call at 12:25 a.m. on Saturday morning, and  was still able to make sense of it.  John, showed up within the hour, as  promised, and by 8:00 a.m. that same morning (to the amazement of our  neighbors) our roof ws well on its way to being repaired.  We have  nothing but gratitude for the timeliness in which our need was met ." 
John & Elizabeth S.

“ABC  is wonderful. A few months ago, we had about 10 inches of rain in less  than 24 hours. They put these machines in that sucked all the water out.  They must have sucked 15 or 20 gallons of water out of our walls. It  was phenomenal. I would recommend them to anybody.”
Debra K.

"ABC  is the best. They're pretty punctual. When the insurance company called  them, they made an appointment. They were right there on time. They  checked everything out like they were supposed to. I would probably use  this company again. It was because of back water flooding—the sewer  backed up into the house. It got into the carpets in the living room and  the bedroom. They just took up the parts that were damaged from the  water. Then the insurance company covered the rest of the carpet."
Susan L.

"Oh,  it was excellent. The ABC crew are very, very, very wonderful people.  They were just real diligent in explaining stuff that needed to be done,  not getting ahead of themselves, and saying that they were going to  tear up my whole kitchen for the mold remediation. They were like,  'Let's just take it a little bit at a time and not be excessive about it  and see what needs to be dealt with.' As they went, they kept me  informed the entire time along the way, called me and messaged me and  let me know what steps were next. I had mold in my kitchen that required  them pulling out my entire kitchen."
Nancy R.

"They were thorough and did a good job. They did water remediation. I would use them again."
Mary R